Panthermedia now offers Mobile Websites

Well, as promised we have started to launch websites you can view on your mobile devices!

We now offer two versions of mobile website. Firstly our more advanced option, which allows for the site to function on popular touch-based smartphones like iPhoneTM, iPod touchTM, AndroidTM, PalmTM Pre/Pixi, and BlackBerry StormTM. Over 90% (and growing!) of the mobile-web surfing world will be able to see your incredible mobile website.

Check out PocoVisionCare’s mobile website, if you have a touch phone that is! If not there are many ways in which you can see how your site appears on the latest touch-based smartphones. Contact us to ask us how or to find out more information on mobile websites.

Poco Vision Care:
Visit url:

If you feel you would like to offer your online visitors a mobile version of your website, but feel a full site replica may be a bit overkill, then the next option might just be for you. Display only the essential information you feel necessary. A quick paragraph about what you do/offer, a gallery to show off your services/products, a google maps link of your location, and usual contact details is a great way to give your mobile visitors the info they are looking for, and fast. Typically users looking at your site on their mobile device aren’t there to watch stunning animations or admire high-res images, they are there to find out who you are, where you are, and what you do.

Take a look below at our basic mobile website option.

Visit url:

So you if you would like a mobile version of your website built, please get in touch!!

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