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In-store signs and marketing at The Hockey Shop

Annual Hockey SaleWe fulfill a complete range of marketing services for The Hockey Shop Source for Sports which includes their in-store signage for all their big sales throughout the year, new hang tags, social media assets, email marketing and website updates. Here is a shot of some of the signs for their Annual Holiday Sale that runs Dec. 1 through 24th each year.

Twitter Headers

Twitter rolled out a new header option for your profile last week which are very reminiscent to Facebook and google+ but IMHO fall short. I am all about customization and the ability to build your brand through good design, unfortunately Twitter ‘s really limited your options. The header image is 520px x 260px and is overlaid by a transparent black gradient, a centred profile pic, then a few lines of white type with your twitter account, website and bio excerpt. The black gradient works ok when your bg image is an actual photo but over a solid colour is just dirty. black gradient overlay on white. Your profile avatar is centered with a white border which really limits your design. Basically we just need to get creative and work within the limits of the feature or just bail out and keep the old one. At this point, you are not required to have a header image.

Personally I think it looks best if you can include the twitter background image into your profile pic so it is part of the design instead of just plopped on top. Here are a few creative examples that do work.

The current header image on the panthermedia account

The current header image on the panthermedia account

Ryan's was the first one I saw using is head overlay

Another good head profile use

This one is pretty fun, who doesn't like a little pong.

If you would like some help with your twitter header design, send us an email.

ByDania Designs Jewlery Shoot


Photoshoot setup, 2 spots, 2 soft boxes, mylar, Canon 7D/24-105mm f4L

It was a real challenge to design a setup that would display the jewelry how the client wanted and hold the position for the shot. I built a frame out of foam board and used fishing line and clips to float the jewelry and hold it in place. I used 2 soft light boxes, a spot light behind the product and one from the top.

To maintain proper lighting, colour and prevent hotspots in the jewelry, I couldn’t go full white bg on the exposure and requires cleanup in photoshop but delivers a fantastic final image.

raw image in post

The Importance of YouTube for Marketing

With more searches performed on YouTube than on Yahoo, Bing or Ask, YouTube is now the second largest search engine. Each month over 10 billion YouTube videos are watched in the US alone. Businesses should be taking advantage of this medium to market engaging content to their consumers. Video is much more engaging than text and videos appear in search engine results so why not optimize your videos for the web and start a YouTube channel yourself? We recently created a YouTube channel for Realtor Michael Jordan to post up video tours of his listed properties.

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Panther Media Launch Granville Island Hotel Website

Granville Island Hotel wanted to increase their search engine rankings and provide a better user experience for their guests. The new website uses canonical URLs, descriptive anchor text, Google XML Sitemaps and a user-friendly HTML sitemap to help guests navigate the site. We’ve preserved PageRank from their previous website by using permanent redirects from all old pages to their new counterparts. To make the site compatible with iPads and mobile phones we replaced the previous Flash slideshows with javascript galleries; Google Image Search will now be able to index the hotel’s images providing an additional source of traffic. We’ve also made it easy for guests to find and comment on blog articles, sign-up for exclusive offers and interact with Granville Island Hotel on their favourite social media sites.

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Panthermedia Launch The Hockey Shop Website

The Hockey Shop is Western Canada’s largest independent hockey retailer. This project consisted of migrating their 10,000+ product database over to Magento to support their high volume of online sales. The Hockey Shop needed an e-commerce package that could accommodate a higher level of customer service and more efficient order fulfillment process and Magento was just the platform they needed to take their store to the next level.

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