Slogans – Send us yours

So you may of noticed we have some random quirky slogans under our logo that change on every page load. When Mike and I were working on our site and logo redesign, we had come up with some great professional sounding slogans but they all sounded a little stuffy and not who we are. Things are pretty casual around here, we work hard to play hard. We joke around and have a good time. As we continued on, things got a little sillier and came up with some super funny ones, mostly inside jokes and probably crossing that line. In the end, we decided on “We design stuff good”. However, we wanted to keep our site a little quirky and wanted to keep some of our late night slogans alive so we installed a script to randomize the slogan. Here is where you come in, if you have a good one for us, fire it over, if we like it and use it, we will send you the coveted, limited edition, Panthermedia T-Shirt. email yours to

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