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Gourmet Settings

Flatware and silverware are always challenging subjects to photograph as their highly reflective surface make it difficult to control reflections. Product Photographer, Randy Friesen shot this matte finish collection from Gourmet Settings along with designing a couple ads for each shot.

Granville Island Hotel

Granville Island Hotel

Granville Island Hotel needed a more mobile and search engine friendly website that could still provide visual appeal and be easy to navigate. The new website showcases the beauty of the hotel and surrounding area and presents information in a clearer, more user friendly way. Guests can now easily find and read blog articles, get directions to the hotel, sign-up for exclusive offers and interact with Granville Island Hotel on their favourite social media sites.

APS Precast

After launching the APS website, we were contracted to produce a 20 page company brochure showcasing many of their recent building projects. We provided photography for most of the projects from Vancouver to Seattle.