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The Hockey Shop Newsletter

Panthermedia has recently sent a very successful email newsletter on behalf of The Hockey Shop.

The email newsletter was to promote their moving sale, lots of bargain to clear out stock, before they move into their new premises. The email newsletter generated a record amount of sales from any newsletter sent out. Panthermedia will take this information forward to constantly improve conversion rates, and ultimately generate income for their clients!! Continue reading

Panthermedia Partner with Smoke Inc.

Smoke Inc. is a Canadian business founded in April 2010.

Smoke Inc. specialises in Premium Web Hosting services, such as Shared Hosting, Virtual Hosting and Dedicated Hosting services as well as reselling SSL Certificates and Domain Name registrations. They deliver enterprise level solutions at affordable price to suit the needs of businesses as well as individuals around the globe.

Panthermedia partnered with Smoke Inc. in April to help give them the best online presence possible. Being a partner with Smoke Inc. allows Panthermedia to offer clients very competitive hosting rates and excellent customer service. Continue reading

Panthermedia Launch Dockside Website

The Dockside Restaurant offers superbly prepared classic dishes in a setting like no other. Located near Downtown Vancouver, on the waterfront where Granville Island faces the city, guests can enjoy panoramic views across False Creek to the world-famous cityscape of Yaletown and beyond to the mountains of the North Shore.

Panthermedia were asked to transform the old website and reflect the quality of their restaurant as a whole. The old website lacked visual appeal, something that Dockside Restaurant has in abundance. The new website needed to convey a new message by being visually appealing and user friendly to allow easy navigation and fast table reservations. Continue reading

A little logo for our community youth programs

I have always been quite involved in the community, coaching sports teams, sitting on community group boards and I do my share of pro bono work. An old friend sent me an email the other day, desperately looking for some help on designing a logo for a basketball program she was running at the Hyde Creek Community Centre. She needed something catchy and cool the teens wouldn’t be embarrased to wear as a t-shirt or even be part of. She sent over her rough concept which was great, gave me the title and a couple catch phrases to work with. I dug into my trusty font vault and found a nice font that wasn’t too graffiti styled but still was fun and casual. I through in a little swoosh stripe to add some motion and some extra sporty outlines. It’s important to take into consideration the final use of a logo and I made sure this one would easily be used for a 3 or 1 colour screen for getting t-shirts done.

Client Feedback:
Thanks Randy!! You’re awesome!
Maria :o)

3 color version using black, white and pantone 21c

Black and white version

The Social Media Series

Over the past year, we have been spending more and more time on developing social media marketing strategies for our clients. What’s changed, why is social media becoming important? Facebook, Twitter, blogs… many of my clients have asked me, what this stuff is all about and how can it build my business? Well, I guess the best way to sum it up is the “word-of-mouth network” just got really big and really efficient.

Millions of people use the internet everyday to conduct detailed research of products and services, discuss hobbies and interests, shop and congregate on all sorts of places online. The tools and websites that which people now refer to collectively as “social media” all include ways for people to express their opinions online. Where are people discussing your industry and the products and services you offer? If that place exists, you should be there to monitor and participate in the conversation. If it doesn’t, consider starting a place for colleagues and customers to gather and revel in information central for your market.

Over the next few months, we will be digging in a little deeper to discuss the strategies to drive your social media campaign and why it should be an important part of your marketing plan. If you would like to sign up for our newsletter for monthly updates and specials, please use the form at the bottom of the page.

Randy Friesen

New Vehicle Wrap

The new CDC Sprinter Van Wrap

If you are interested in getting a vehicle wrap for you business, give us a call. We recently designed a full vehicle wrap for CDC Construction located in Vancouver, B.C. They just bought a 2010 van and wanted to wrap it with a racey new look instead of the typical boring construction wraps. We went through a few concepts together and the final product turned out fantastic. Here are a few photos they sent over.

Panthermedia now offers Mobile Websites

Well, as promised we have started to launch websites you can view on your mobile devices!

We now offer two versions of mobile website. Firstly our more advanced option, which allows for the site to function on popular touch-based smartphones like iPhoneTM, iPod touchTM, AndroidTM, PalmTM Pre/Pixi, and BlackBerry StormTM. Over 90% (and growing!) of the mobile-web surfing world will be able to see your incredible mobile website. Continue reading

New Customer Support Feature

We’ve had some of pretty busy years here at Panthermedia and at times get overloaded with emails from prospective clients, contacts within the community groups we volunteer and of course our valued clients. There have been numerous days I sort through 100+ emails and during those busy times, important ones can slip through the cracks.

To help keep important client requests and concerns organized and prioritized, we have implemented a support ticket system. We have done some testing the last few weeks and so far so good, there might still be a glitch or two but I think it’s ready for beta launch. I would like to encourage our clients to try out and give us some feedback on how it works. It’s pretty simple and allows you to check progress and communicate more efficiently with me or the developer working on your project.

To access the page, go to the Client Area located in our main navigation bar or click here to dive right in.

Slogans – Send us yours

So you may of noticed we have some random quirky slogans under our logo that change on every page load. When Mike and I were working on our site and logo redesign, we had come up with some great professional sounding slogans but they all sounded a little stuffy and not who we are. Things are pretty casual around here, we work hard to play hard. We joke around and have a good time. As we continued on, things got a little sillier and came up with some super funny ones, mostly inside jokes and probably crossing that line. In the end, we decided on “We design stuff good”. However, we wanted to keep our site a little quirky and wanted to keep some of our late night slogans alive so we installed a script to randomize the slogan. Here is where you come in, if you have a good one for us, fire it over, if we like it and use it, we will send you the coveted, limited edition, Panthermedia T-Shirt. email yours to